Week 30

This is the Exhibition week, and I have finalised my app including the changes the lecturers advised me on and it looks great. Also I have changed the cover of my apps to something more creative and eye-catching.

And  here are the final designs i publsihed as my app


Week 29

This week I presented my final year project to the panel of supervisors and the feedbacks was very positive as they had little to say as regards the direction and the result of my project.

Danny McSweeney advised me to have a cover page designed as part of the apps as I did not have any. Also I Hugh McCabe I should look into the course page of the app as there too many text on that page.

Also the supervisor, advised that I should replace the funny videos in each students profile to one of their projects so that users can see they have done.

With the response I got, I decided to work on the few changes the apps required as advised by the supervisor but generally I am very pleased with my project.

Week 22 – 28

During this weeks, all i do is to continue to design my apps and adding more pages. In the course of the weeks, I designed more pages for meet the students and the cover of my apps. In the meeting with my supervisor, she saw them and made comments on how to make it better and perhaps improve on what I have.

Also during the weeks, i took alot of photos that I will be using in my apps. The photos include the mac labs and the equipments lab which will feature on the apps. Also i was to get information about each student i will be profiling in my apps and this helped in finishing up the student column.

During this weeks, I encountered different issues on the development software; inDesign CS5.5 as there are few updates for the folio builder and others…. but thankfully it was resolved by the danny and the IT guys!

Another major problem I faced was how to test my app on the iPad and this is as a result of me not being able to use the single edition plug-ins i was banking on to get my apps to work on the iPad. I researched on the problem and the possible solution to this and together with my supervisor, I discovered the information on how to make it work on the tablet.

To put the problem in perspective:

My initial solution on how to test my app was to upload the .folio file(the finished magazine in form of a book from inDesign CS5.5 to my adobe account , then I will use the viewer builder to publish my magazine app but unfortunately this won’t work because I had to buy the single edition plug-in to be able to use the feature.

And this prompted me to approach my supervisors and with their assistance I was able to resolve the issue.

Below are my final designs for my magazine app:


Week 10 – Assignment Hand In 1

This week, assignment 1 due. The Assignment is to take 6 photo of someone with different identity and the task is to use these photos to tell story about your chosen individual.

Also I’m to write a short essay depicting my inspiration for the choice of your individual or community, how did I want to portray this person? What I captured and why I captured it the way I did?

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Week 7 – Identity, Realities and Societies and Society

This week, the lecture was about identity, reality and the society. In the lecture we define what identity is and how it’s formed.

We discussed that one’s identity can be defined in 3 different view.

Traditional Identity is formed based on the myth and the structure guiding the society and usually these myths are not challenged.

Postmodern identity is formed when someone or a particular group intentionally distabilises an existing myth in doing things differently from the pre-established process.

and while modern identity is formed based on self reflection which is usually caused by response of other people towards a subject of importance to both parties.

We also learnt that identity can be acquired through socialisation within the society we found ourselves. Belonging to a certain society gives us an identity of belonging to that section of the society.

There are different aspect that makes up the identity of an individual e.g gender, class, ethnicity, personality, age, clothing, language etc. In the lecture, we learnt that identity is constructed based on individual preference and is subjected to ones decision whether to accept the norms guiding that aspect of our lives.

Week 8 – The Construction of Personal Realities

This week, we were given an articles about cultural identity and our task is to the following:

  • discuss social identity and its constructs in structuralist view or the  internationist school.
  • Summarise your understanding of web of identity and deconstruction

Here are my answer to the following question.

Discuss ‘social identity’ and its constructs

According to structuralist, social identity of an individual is determined by the societal norms and way of life in that particular society. In a lame man’s definition, this means it is most likely that a child born in a Christian society is likely to form his identity based on the way of life of people in that society. For example in some society, Christian go to church on sundays so therefore the child born into this society will most definitely see this as a sacred day which will be part of him/her as she grows and this will be passed to unborn generations.

Summaries your understanding of web of identity and deconstruction

Web of identity shows how individual from different society tends to blend with the societal factors and way of life in the society they live in. These individual often try to see themselves as part of the society due to the fact that they partake in the social activities in that society without necessarily compromising what makes unique i.e cultural beliefs and tradition which are the things that makes them in the society that originally come from. For example, an immigrant from a well-disciplined society would do virtually everything some of his friends does but will opt out from the things that he or she perceives to be a BIG NO in her society.

Deconstruction  is when social norms and beliefs are manipulated to change our orientation towards a particular instance. The aim of this process is to change the  way we see things that are generally regarded as natural in our lives. e.g gender. It also argues that human identity experiences constant change as they grow older which makes this process fluid.

Also in the lab we split into group of three, Gary, Obi and myself to research the topic religion, society and Identity.After the research we gave a 5mins presentation to the rest of the class and what our findings was. Here are my own stance on the topic;

Religion can influence the way people construct their identity in a society as certain teachings in the religious places have a direct impact on their take on family issues etc.

People can choose to belong to any particular community in the society they live in. In some cases, this community creates a social structure that guides their existence within that society.

Thesis Update – Meeting 6

This week, I have tailored my thesis based on the structure my supervisor followed in writing hers and I think It’s much better. She read through the thesis and she’s happy with my introduction. So my next task is starting the big one, getting the research questions that will make up three chapters, though this should have been done this week but I was not able to do because of pressure from other projects.

Also she advised me to get in touch with Larry McNutt (college’s thesis expert ) to help me out with the research question.

For next week I have to have the research ready and possibly start writing my chapters.


Thesis Update – Meeting 5

This week, I have refined the introduction to my thesis and I guessed it’s looking really good as the research I have done has given me a clearer picture of what I aim to achieve with this.

Unfortunately I was able to write 370 words for my introduction but I guessed it is well structured as she happy with it and she said we definitely on the right track now.

My supervisor gave me a copy of her thesis and we both went through her own approach of writing her own thesis which in my own opinion makes it easy for me in knowing how to structure mine now.

So this week tasks is to study her thesis and use that as a source of inspiration to develop my thesis since I have started that process in a writing a good introduction. So she advised me to read through her thesis as many times as possible so that It will help along the way in getting my own right which I think is fair.

Thesis Update – Meeting 4

This week I showed my supervisor the tasked and she was happy with the effort and progress but was not too sure about the Introduction I wrote for my thesis, so she asked me to go back and do a more research.

My task is to write a 500 words introduction for my thesis with reference to my research topics and what I aim to achieve with this. Pressure is mounting now as  there are other assignment that I needs to focus but i hope to have this done for next week.