First day back in college after 3weeks is not easy as i have a lot assignments to catch up with and some other ones just been handed out.

I met with my course co-ordinator Daniel McSweeney, for the first time after returning from my travel and the feedback was for me to double my effort to catch up on the 3weeks I have missed so as to have a successful final year project.

After the meeting, I was able to shape the direction about my final year project because I was having problem in choosing between an App for Creative Digital Media Course on iPad or design an eMag for the CDM course on iPad.

Finally, I have decided to go eMag for CDM on iPad because its more realistic than building an App. After the agreeing on the my project, my task for next week is to research on the following;

  • Research on how to design an eBook or eMag for iPad.
  • What development tool will be suitable for the project.
  • What interactive elements and interactive elements can I add e.g Video, Interactive Map.
  • 360 degree Panorama view
  • How to create Newstand on iPad
  • Research on the content that will make up the eMag
  • To design 5 different pages of the eMag
  • Research if there is an existing samples from other colleges in Ireland
  • How to Register as a developer on the IOS and Android Platforms
  • How to Publish the eMag to Itunes and Android Market
I need to have all this done for next week also I was given an extra 1 week to finalize and submit my proposal for the project.