This week , I submitted my project proposal and was not able to meet up with my supervisor due to other module assignments that I have to catch up with.

While I was not able to meet with him, I have done all the research and the task given to me.

Here are the outcome of my research

For this project, I ask myself some critical question as to how to get started and what approach will be the best. Designing apps for both the Android and the iTunes market seems too big of a task but answering the below listed question just made it a clearer and helped on how to do it.

Here are some of the questions;

How to design iPad App and what development tool is needed

I will be making use of different development software to build my app. Recently Adobe launched their new Adobe inDesign CS5.5 as part of the new creative suite which have all the new features that I would need to create my app. The software gives me the freedom to add interactive content to my app.

I found out that designing for iPad is different from the tradition print media in so many ways. There are rules and standard that designers needs to conform with.

It is important to know one’s limitation and what cannot be used in course of development of your app.

Limitations such as embedding Flash SWF files won’t work on an iPad.  Already this will be a big deal because some of the student works I will be using on my app are on the designed and rendered in flash. But HTML 5 has come to the rescue of most developers as it is a wide range of new technologies that works fine on most browsers.

Some of the cool stuff HTML 5 could do includes video playback, animation, web fonts, faster JavaScript and so much more.

What is dimension & size

 I will be designing my app using both portrait and landscape dimension.

 Page format: 

  • Landscape: 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Vertical:  768 x 1024 pixels

Also it is important to determine how many pages of content we will be designing, what will be the landing page format i.e. portrait or vertical.

The design and the user experience

For all of my designs, I will be creating a vertical and a portrait version of each stack of content. It is important to have a structured folder with one main folder and a sub folder so that will allow Bundler to import stacks of content properly.

There must be consistency in the chosen color theme, the font size, the quality of the images and so on.

What applicable features on iPad

To insert interactive content into the app, I will be using adobe interactive overlay creator to configure what type of interactive elements I want in my apps.

The adobe interactive overlay creator has elements like; interactive map, video, 360 Viewer, image pan and so much more.

How to register as IOS / Android Developer

Registering as a developer is easy on both platforms as you are only required to fill in the form and submit.

How to publish

The first thing is that you must be registered a iTunes and Android developer! But for this project, there is no need to register because it quite hard to be registered as one. So since the App is just for project uses and for the mainstream App store, I will be using Folio Builder to synch my eMag to the iPad tablet for testing.

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