Finally! this week I was able to meet with my supervisor to discuss and him what I have done so far.

For this I have brainstormed on the possible contents for my eMag and I have some sort of information architecture with navigation map on how it will be implemented in a sequential form.

Also I decided to consider the color brand of the college when i move to the design / prototype stage.

Here are the stuff I show him and we discussed on how my progress and what I need to do for the January Presentation.


Fortunately today is last day in college for year 2011, as we are going on Xmas break . This will give me opportunity to catch up on my final year project and have a prototype ready for the January presentation of our project and how far we have gone.

During the break, I created a logo for the App, have 5 mock-up pages of the eMag and implemented the design and end up with a prototype just in time for the BIG presentation!

The presentation session is to share what I have done so far since the commencement of the final year project and to reflect on the progress made.