January is finally here! Which means that Phase 1 of the final year project is complete and I have to give account of what I have done and achieve so far.

I have pulled all the resources I have gathered together and have been able to come up with prototype of what my final project will look like.

I gave my presentation with PDF slide and showed my Prototype which i saved as a SWF file because I encountered some difficulties in synching my App on my iPad tablet.

GeneraIly, the feedback was very positive which am happy about considering the many troubles i faced and the supervisor gave some very vital suggestion on how to improve my prototype and implement those changes to my design.

Some of their suggestion includes

  • Making it more interactive
  • I should avoid using lots of static text
  • Navigation Clarity
  • Re-design cover
  • Make it more for users
  • Colour choice
I was happy with all the noted points and if implemented, no doubt my project is will be very successful.

Here is a link to my presentation slide.

Click link to download

 Presentation copy

Here is link to my prototype

Click link to download