Due to unbalanced number of students assigned to supervisors and because it important to have supervisor  that have experience on different student project, I was re-assigned to Nicola Duffy. She has background in Graphic Design and Animation which is a good plus to me as I will be able to tap from her wealth of experience to produce a top class end product.

I was excited to meet her and show her what I did for the phase 1 of my final year project. She liked it and gave some suggestion on how to improve the general quality.

She asked me to do the following.

  • Research and give reason(s) why I will be using the interactive elements I choose – This will help me make a decision if some elements are really important or vice versa.
  • Research on different digital portfolios and take note of things I love about the final product – This is important because it will help me to thing on how best to structure my design properly.

So far so good, this is exercise is important as  am taking a step backward to reflect on wider issues surrounding designing for iPad.

And she adviced  that I should look beyond designing for just iPad because it is important to fashion out ways to make a design that will conquer all cross platform issues. i.e I should look more at design interactive website that will work well on iPad.

And that point she made is interesting.