This week, I met my supervisor to discussed the progress I have made from the last time we met. She gave me the following tasks to complete

  • Research and give reason(s) why I will be using the interactive elements I choose
  • Research on different digital portfolios and take note of things I love about the final product 
And this my approaching in completing the task

For my interactive eMag for this CDM course I will like to have different interactive elements. Here are some of the elements I will be hoping to use in the eMag

 Prefered Interactive Element for FYP

They will be implemented through the Overlay Creator which is pop-up column that allows you to add interactive elements to a basic static layout with inDesign CS5.5

i will be using the following elements

  • Video Embed
  • 360 Degree Pan – I hope to use this feature to pan through the Mac lab and use it in such a way that I will have different videos on the mac

  • Interactive icons – to serve as a menu link
  • Swipe – I will apply to different cross section of the eMag. For instance it will be used for the photo slide, menu

  • Zoom in – This is important because it allows users to zoom text or a picture closer for a better view.
  • Spin – I will be using this for all menus (navigation links) on the

Researched Digital Portfolios / websites

Interactive video Interactive Game

Interactive Pop Up menu

Good use of sound

I love the intro

Other research


My task next week is to redesign the cover page and with the help of the extensive research that I have carried on different digital portfolios, I should come up with a much improve design for atleast 5 page of my eMag and explain the importance of every individual interactive elements used on each page.