This week, the task is to research variety of photographers/artists who’s work have inspired and captured cultural difference in a community and what makes their work unique.

I researched on different photographer and I find all the works of this chap to be very creative and a source of inspiration.

Mitchell Kanashkevich, a tireless world wanderer and a travel / documentary photographer, working predominantly in Asia and Eastern Europe.

One of his works that caught my attention is the photo story of how a remote islands in the south Pacific nation of Vanuatu have a unique cultural lifestyle of either being a skillful gardener, hunter or fisherman, the skills are picked up from a young age, through children watching and helping their parents.

Here are some of the images the captures their lives and culture.

Mitchell makes good use of point of view for the kids on the boat which show how confident they are, good use of rule of third for the lady fishing which uniquely set a  rich story and ofcourse bird view camera angle which shows how passionate the young boy is determined to get his target.

On the portrait side of his freelance works, he captures ethnicity in the modern world we live in.