My project is to tell a picture story of the cultural differences between myself and Dean Wall.

Dean Wall is a friend and class mate for the past four years in the college and we have shared some great memories together in the course of our study. Dean is an Irish by birth.

I have always been fascinated about Dean’s way of life as I see in him the undying Irish tradition as a fun loving people. Having known him for the past four years in college and because there is a huge cultural differences between us and how we see things like religion, family, dress sense and hobbies are reasons why I choose him.

All the characteristics listed above are determining factors that define Dean’s personality and this is am what out to capture through my picture story.

My research findings informed my decision as it show that most Irish people are open, helpful, hospitable, interested in sport, independent, have good sense of humour, and famously known for drinking.

The themes I will be using to best capture different perspective of Dean’s daily story includes; dressing, habits, interests, goal, social class, and nationality

Analysis and Planning

I intend to have a timeline of activities that will capture Dean Wall’s perspective of being an Irish in the 21st century. The six shots will be sequenced as follows;

  • Nationality
  • Social Class
  • Dressing
  • Interest
  • Habits
  • Food

For effective representation of my chosen themes, I will be using different POV so as to have a strong relationship between the subject and the theme.

Nationality – I will use a Fill the frame composition technique for this theme and this will be capture by zooming as close as possible on my subject. This will create strong sense of pride and confidence in being an Irish.

Social Class – I will be using rule of thirds technique for this shot because I will like to show enough background alongside my subject so as to creating content for the viewers so as to influence their conclusion on the social class of my subject

Dressing – I will be using a dynamic diagonal point of view to capture my subject as it will add a dynamic change to the way we view subject’s dressing.

Interest – I will use the gaining height technique to take picture looking down on my subject in a game of soccer for his local football club, this will give the picture a good height and an interesting scenario.

Habit – I will be using off shoulder technique to take the picture of my subject so as to create an amazing effect of third person view of my subject

Food – I will be using the lead-In Lines technique to take this picture so as to create a nice depth to the shot which will catch the viewer’s attention.

To be honest, I hope to get at least one shot to be in black and white but am keeping my options open as regards this because it takes one moment to have discovered great shot that can and will work fine in black and white.

Definitely I will be using some illustration so as to add more spark to my amazing six shots.


My ultimate goal at the end of this to capture and have a visual representation of Dean Wall’s personality in the Irish society he was born into and the cultural difference we both shared. Also my aim is to use Dean’s picture story as a fairly accurate indicator of the lifestyle of an average Irish youth.


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