As expected, I have completed my task for last week which is to come up with possible thesis topics and here are the list of topics i came up with;

  • Effect of Print Design…the technological impact  – Technology is no doubt has greatly influence the delivery of print media in this day and age. Different technological innovation or upgrade in print design software’s, operating platforms and the delivery platforms have totally revolutionised the print design industry.15 years ago there has been a steady rise in the amount of companies and software developers thinking outside the box and coming up with exceptional system designs that are faster and with more capabilities to amazing things.

    Questions to be answer? How has new technology further improve the print design industry

    Proposed thesis title:

  • Effect of Print design on brands – Companies spend thousands of Euros on their brand management, and one of the major avenues for this huge spending is through the print and design of their promotional and marketing materials. For my thesis, I will like to know how it all started, what has changed and of course is it still relevant.                                                                                Questions to be answered                                                      Proposed thesis title:?
  • Typography in Print Design – Typography is the bedrock to any design. Get it wrong and you have lost the very unique thing that can make your design stand out.
  • Impact of Print Design on Education – Over the years, different educational institutions have produced print design graduates yet they find it difficult to compete in the labour market because they spend half of their years in college….
  • Print design for the Special Need – This is will investigate how it changed to accommodate people with special need. In doing this, I could have four different case study and reflect on the changes that have taken place over the years in accommodating such people and what was the impact of such changes to the
  • Print design software’s – There are various print design software’s in the market e.g Adobe, Corel, Serif et.c My research will be to determine what makes this software’s worth spending money on and what can be result. Also I can argue my point based on what software I think is best based on the research I did on this topic.

Out of all the topic i came up with, I was passionate about the first topic I choose and its clearly obvious because I put a lot of effort in getting information on the topic because it’s directly related to my final year project which is and iPad eMagazine for my course Creative Digital Media.

I was able to convince her and make her see why I would love to write my thesis on this particular topic and eventually she agrees. So she advised me to do more work in trimming down my chosen topic as it’s very broad and I need to fine tune it so that it will give me a picture of what am to achieve.

So my task for next week is to fine tune my research question, write up what am trying to find out in my research question, write up a short paragraph under each headings Introduction, Main body and my Conclusion