This week, the lecture was about identity, reality and the society. In the lecture we define what identity is and how it’s formed.

We discussed that one’s identity can be defined in 3 different view.

Traditional Identity is formed based on the myth and the structure guiding the society and usually these myths are not challenged.

Postmodern identity is formed when someone or a particular group intentionally distabilises an existing myth in doing things differently from the pre-established process.

and while modern identity is formed based on self reflection which is usually caused by response of other people towards a subject of importance to both parties.

We also learnt that identity can be acquired through socialisation within the society we found ourselves. Belonging to a certain society gives us an identity of belonging to that section of the society.

There are different aspect that makes up the identity of an individual e.g gender, class, ethnicity, personality, age, clothing, language etc. In the lecture, we learnt that identity is constructed based on individual preference and is subjected to ones decision whether to accept the norms guiding that aspect of our lives.