This week, we were given an articles about cultural identity and our task is to the following:

  • discuss social identity and its constructs in structuralist view or the  internationist school.
  • Summarise your understanding of web of identity and deconstruction

Here are my answer to the following question.

Discuss ‘social identity’ and its constructs

According to structuralist, social identity of an individual is determined by the societal norms and way of life in that particular society. In a lame man’s definition, this means it is most likely that a child born in a Christian society is likely to form his identity based on the way of life of people in that society. For example in some society, Christian go to church on sundays so therefore the child born into this society will most definitely see this as a sacred day which will be part of him/her as she grows and this will be passed to unborn generations.

Summaries your understanding of web of identity and deconstruction

Web of identity shows how individual from different society tends to blend with the societal factors and way of life in the society they live in. These individual often try to see themselves as part of the society due to the fact that they partake in the social activities in that society without necessarily compromising what makes unique i.e cultural beliefs and tradition which are the things that makes them in the society that originally come from. For example, an immigrant from a well-disciplined society would do virtually everything some of his friends does but will opt out from the things that he or she perceives to be a BIG NO in her society.

Deconstruction  is when social norms and beliefs are manipulated to change our orientation towards a particular instance. The aim of this process is to change the  way we see things that are generally regarded as natural in our lives. e.g gender. It also argues that human identity experiences constant change as they grow older which makes this process fluid.

Also in the lab we split into group of three, Gary, Obi and myself to research the topic religion, society and Identity.After the research we gave a 5mins presentation to the rest of the class and what our findings was. Here are my own stance on the topic;

Religion can influence the way people construct their identity in a society as certain teachings in the religious places have a direct impact on their take on family issues etc.

People can choose to belong to any particular community in the society they live in. In some cases, this community creates a social structure that guides their existence within that society.