During this weeks, all i do is to continue to design my apps and adding more pages. In the course of the weeks, I designed more pages for meet the students and the cover of my apps. In the meeting with my supervisor, she saw them and made comments on how to make it better and perhaps improve on what I have.

Also during the weeks, i took alot of photos that I will be using in my apps. The photos include the mac labs and the equipments lab which will feature on the apps. Also i was to get information about each student i will be profiling in my apps and this helped in finishing up the student column.

During this weeks, I encountered different issues on the development software; inDesign CS5.5 as there are few updates for the folio builder and others…. but thankfully it was resolved by the danny and the IT guys!

Another major problem I faced was how to test my app on the iPad and this is as a result of me not being able to use the single edition plug-ins i was banking on to get my apps to work on the iPad. I researched on the problem and the possible solution to this and together with my supervisor, I discovered the information on how to make it work on the tablet.

To put the problem in perspective:

My initial solution on how to test my app was to upload the .folio file(the finished magazine in form of a book from inDesign CS5.5 to my adobe account , then I will use the viewer builder to publish my magazine app but unfortunately this won’t work because I had to buy the single edition plug-in to be able to use the feature.

And this prompted me to approach my supervisors and with their assistance I was able to resolve the issue.

Below are my final designs for my magazine app: